A New Hope?

Episode 1.3

A journey to Felucia

Sitting in front of the datapad, the gentle glow reflecting from his blue skin, Nood Him easily slips past the remaining security protocols, gaining access to the very heart of the station’s network. With this level of access, it does not take him long to start manipulating the records to make it appear that the Banshee will be collecting the mysterious cargo being stored in the Imperial blue deck. Having created fake Imperial identities for Zeth and Jackson, the party set off in the _Banshee _ in a bold plan to deceive the Empire.

Landing in the bay, Zeth and Jackson present their credentials. After carrying out a cursory scrutiny, the Imperial Officer directs Stormtrooper X-247 to transfer the carbonite slab into the hold of the party’s ship. Success! Their bluff has worked. Without risking their luck further, Zeth and Jackson return into the ship and Nood makes a swift departure, quickly plotting a micro jump to get them out of the system.

Soon the familiar blue swirl of hyperspace illuminates the cabin and orders come in from Torfun-Far: deliver the cargo to Alderaan and so a course is set. It is whilst en route that Havanar makes a discovery: the carbonite slab has a life support unit attached. Inspecting the cargo closely, Havanar realises that the carbonite contains a male frozen in suspended animation.

Upon arrival in Alderaan space, the Banshee is directed to the royal landing pad at the Alderaanian palace. Escorted by a protocol droid to secure chambers, the party are freshened up and told to prepare for an audience with Senator Bail Organa, Viceroy of Alderaan and outspoken opponent of the New Order.

Meeting in the Grand Hall, they are informed by Senator Organa that the man they had rescued was a member of the Alderaanian Intelligence Agency who had been sent via carbonite freezing from the Core Worlds with valuable information. He had managed to locate the whereabouts of Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth, a high ranking Imperial who has grown disillusioned with the New Order’s way. Feeding intelligence to Senator Organa, Admiral Varth has finally been identified as the traitor to the Empire he is and is being detained on a facility on Felucia. Senator Organa requests the party’s assistance in rescuing Admiral Varth from the Emperor’s grasp, striking a blow against the Empire and giving them the opportunity to earn 2,000 credits each.

Armed with a new astromech droid from Senator Organa’s droid workshop, the party launches and makes their way to Felucia.

As soon as the Banshee drops from hyperspace, its console begins to blare with alarms and sirens as two _Victory _class Star Destroyers immediately moves to intercept the Banshee. Over the speaker a brisk male’s voice crackles – “starship Banshee immediately stand down and prepare to be boarded – you are in restricted Imperial space and in contravention of Imperial law.” Silence fills the cockpit of the Banshee as everyone looks at each other with panic on their faces. Nood Him takes hold of the throttle and plunges towards the planet below.

Hitting the atmosphere, the ship bucks and thrashes under his control: entering too fast Nood struggles to maintain a safe descent trajectory. As the ship passes through the soupy cloud cover gigantic mushrooms loom from the jungle floor forcing Nood to pull hard to the right to avoid crashing.

Engines screaming under the stress, they momentarily falter causing the ship to careen off the spongy mass of a nearby mushroom. Corkscrewing the Banshee skips across the ground, leaving scorched gouges across the ground as it eventually slams to a listing halt in a swamp. The ship’s structure groans as it finally settles into position and the emergency lights come on. The party have landed safely, but the ship will not be operable anytime soon.


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