A New Hope?

Episode 1.1

And so, it begins

Brentaal. Once the jewel of the Perlemian Trade Route, the Separatist occupation have left their scars.

WIth a graceful sweeping curve, the Banshee comes around to the distant side of Sel Zonn station, touching down lightly onto its designated landing bay (B-12) before sinking into the station. Exiting into the docking bay, the party enter a controlled environment that is slightly chilled with a hint of rust smell suggesting that the atmospheric scrubbers are not running at peak efficiency.

Moving with the general throng of recent arrivals at Sel Zonn, the party make their way through document control where they experience the growing kind of ‘tolerance’ that is spreading throughout the new Empire. After handing over their papers and experiencing a lengthy search the party move through security and enter into the promenade to begin their search for Maya.

A large, circular room with a mezzanine level, the two story promenade is coloured in browns and reds whilst flashing yellow neon advertise various vices in a variety of languages: casinos, cantinas and dancing halls provide entertainment to the small number of travelers roaming throughout the station.

Confronted with this sensory overload, it’s not long before the party’s attention is drawn to two human males, standing silently to one side of the promenade. Zip up jackets do a poor job of concealing hold out blasters. Closer examination shows the two men speaking to themselves, suggesting that they are talking into hidden comlinks.

Shouting draws their intense attention and the party soon see a woman stumbling, clutching at her side – her eyes lock onto the party and she starts shouting for help – “I have credits.” Maya has been found and she’s being pursued by two Stormtroopers, the Empire’s new sign of imperial authority.

After a brief firefight, the party capitulates and surrender. Maya is stunned and is taken into custody by the Stormtroopers whilst the two unidentified men follow, providing cover, not seeing the datapad that Maya dropped when she fell unconscious. Life begins to return to the promenade: obviously this disturbance is not unusual on Sel Zonn.

Taking refuge in a nearby cantina named Gundark’s, the party sit down to interrogate Maya’s datapad. After getting through some basic security protocols, two recent entries read “V-14” and “Switch.”

Using the computer interface provided by the cantina’s table, the party are able to bypass Imperial security protocols to unlock the underlying computer network at the heart of the station. A search of the station’s floor plan reveals that V14 is a deep storage bay that has been quarantined for the past 18 months, yet no request has been made for maintenance. As a consequence, it is off limits to non-Imperial personnel. Despite this status, intelligence reports suggest that a large number of aliens are seen going in and out of the bay which is located right alongside the station’s primary exhaust port.

A search for ‘Switch’ reveals less information, but recent intelligence reports suggest that he may be an information broker operating from a secret location.

Armed with this information, the party return to the Banshee to plot their next move.


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