A New Hope?

Episode 1.3
A journey to Felucia

Sitting in front of the datapad, the gentle glow reflecting from his blue skin, Nood Him easily slips past the remaining security protocols, gaining access to the very heart of the station’s network. With this level of access, it does not take him long to start manipulating the records to make it appear that the Banshee will be collecting the mysterious cargo being stored in the Imperial blue deck. Having created fake Imperial identities for Zeth and Jackson, the party set off in the _Banshee _ in a bold plan to deceive the Empire.

Landing in the bay, Zeth and Jackson present their credentials. After carrying out a cursory scrutiny, the Imperial Officer directs Stormtrooper X-247 to transfer the carbonite slab into the hold of the party’s ship. Success! Their bluff has worked. Without risking their luck further, Zeth and Jackson return into the ship and Nood makes a swift departure, quickly plotting a micro jump to get them out of the system.

Soon the familiar blue swirl of hyperspace illuminates the cabin and orders come in from Torfun-Far: deliver the cargo to Alderaan and so a course is set. It is whilst en route that Havanar makes a discovery: the carbonite slab has a life support unit attached. Inspecting the cargo closely, Havanar realises that the carbonite contains a male frozen in suspended animation.

Upon arrival in Alderaan space, the Banshee is directed to the royal landing pad at the Alderaanian palace. Escorted by a protocol droid to secure chambers, the party are freshened up and told to prepare for an audience with Senator Bail Organa, Viceroy of Alderaan and outspoken opponent of the New Order.

Meeting in the Grand Hall, they are informed by Senator Organa that the man they had rescued was a member of the Alderaanian Intelligence Agency who had been sent via carbonite freezing from the Core Worlds with valuable information. He had managed to locate the whereabouts of Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth, a high ranking Imperial who has grown disillusioned with the New Order’s way. Feeding intelligence to Senator Organa, Admiral Varth has finally been identified as the traitor to the Empire he is and is being detained on a facility on Felucia. Senator Organa requests the party’s assistance in rescuing Admiral Varth from the Emperor’s grasp, striking a blow against the Empire and giving them the opportunity to earn 2,000 credits each.

Armed with a new astromech droid from Senator Organa’s droid workshop, the party launches and makes their way to Felucia.

As soon as the Banshee drops from hyperspace, its console begins to blare with alarms and sirens as two _Victory _class Star Destroyers immediately moves to intercept the Banshee. Over the speaker a brisk male’s voice crackles – “starship Banshee immediately stand down and prepare to be boarded – you are in restricted Imperial space and in contravention of Imperial law.” Silence fills the cockpit of the Banshee as everyone looks at each other with panic on their faces. Nood Him takes hold of the throttle and plunges towards the planet below.

Hitting the atmosphere, the ship bucks and thrashes under his control: entering too fast Nood struggles to maintain a safe descent trajectory. As the ship passes through the soupy cloud cover gigantic mushrooms loom from the jungle floor forcing Nood to pull hard to the right to avoid crashing.

Engines screaming under the stress, they momentarily falter causing the ship to careen off the spongy mass of a nearby mushroom. Corkscrewing the Banshee skips across the ground, leaving scorched gouges across the ground as it eventually slams to a listing halt in a swamp. The ship’s structure groans as it finally settles into position and the emergency lights come on. The party have landed safely, but the ship will not be operable anytime soon.

Episode 1.2
A Meeting with Switch

Descending into the lower depths of the station, the party find themselves in a winding labyrinth of poorly maintained, darkened corridors. The inhabitants of this level are less in number, unsavory and rarely human. Avoiding eye contact, they keep to the shadows, minding their own business.

With the smell of coolant in the air, lights flickering illuminating exposed electrical wiring and carbon scoring, the party press on until in the distance they see two Gamorreans standing on either side of a blast door. Armed with vibroaxes they exude an air of general indifference, but their squinty porcine eyes keep an attentive watch as the party approaches.

Stepping forward and speaking in guttural Huttese, Jackson attempts to communicate with the guards. Answering in incomprehensible squealing and snorts, the crossing of their axes over the door show that they either clearly do not understand or are not interested in what he has to say. Zeth soon appreciates that the easiest way to break the language barrier is through credits: with the exchange of 50 credits, he makes himself understood, and the blast doors to V-14 slide open revealing a cavernous, darkened hold and a blast of frigid air.

Cautiously stepping into the room, their eyes slowly adjust to the dim lighting. A constant thrum in the background coming from two exhaust vents set into the floor drowns out most noise. Set in the middle of the room, surrounded by pallets of cargo and supplies, is a single desk made out of rich, darkened wood. Standing behind it a single protocol droid, his ebony plate absorbing the small amount of light which illuminates the room. It stares at the party with twin blue receptors. Welcoming and polite, it belies the cold formality of what it has to say.

It is clear that Switch is an information broker: a power player in the underground of Sel Zonn station and accordingly it is not going to hand over valuable intelligence without payment. It becomes clear the party does not have the resources to buy Switch’s favor.

Unfortunately their negotiations are interrupted from the sound of blaster fire outside and the squealing death cries of the two Gamorreans guarding the outer door. As the smoke clears, a Chevin walks in flanked by a number of thugs, armed with blaster pistols and vibroaxes. He has come to deal with Switch, but sees the heroes as also in his way. He and his minions attack. Taking advantage of the sudden reversal of fortune, Jackson negotiates a new deal: the party will help Switch if it tells them where the cargo is.

The firefight is quick but brutal. Leaping from behind the desk, Jackson soars through the air and with a snap hiss, his saber ignites. With a flash of light, one of the thugs falls into three parts as he lands, swirling to backhand a blaster bolt into the face of another. Twirling on the spot his movements are just not fast enough and he collapses from a blaster bolt to his back.

Running for cover, Havornan takes cover behind some nearby cargo crates, his blaster pistol extended. With a roar, one of the thugs charges towards him, swinging his axe just as Havornan falls prone to the ground with the axe embedding itself into the crate inches from his head. Two blaster bolts at point blank range to the thug’s stomach sees him fall to the ground, smoke pouring from the gaping wound.

Taking steady aim, Zeth quickly dispatches two more with well placed blaster bolts and sends the Chevin running with a shot to his back. Stepping out from his cover, Nood takes down the final thug and victor seems apparent. Pausing to assess the situation, he fails to see Switch’s guard turn, take aim and shoot him in the back. Treachery! Caught by surprise, the other guard fires down the line at the Sullastan, narrowly missing as he dives for cover. Caught in the open, Zeth returns fire, taking a smoking wound to his shoulder. But with perseverance, both Zeth and Havornan manage to dispatch the two traitors. Normalcy returns to the warehouse with the thrum of the exhaust fans replacing the whine of blaster fire.

The bodies are dispatched into open space. Switch, true to his word, reveals that the precious cargo which Maya was sent to retrieve is a carbonite slab be stored in the docking bay located on Blue Deck. Under heavy guard, it will require ingenuity to retrieve. It will be no easy task to see it returned to Alderaan but a profitable enterprise if the party can manage it.

Heading to Blue Deck, the party quickly realises this is the seat of Imperial power on the station. Stormtroopers in gleaming white plasteel armour patrol the decks. Finely dressed humans gather in the pavilion as posters of the Emperor gaze down fatherly upon the masses. Navigating their way through, the party soon find themselves at a blast door leading into the docking bay guarded by two Stormtroopers.

Boldly strolling up to the guards, Jackson naively explains that he is there to collect his cargo. Impassive receptors fix upon him and in a metallic voice the guard demands to see his papers. It becomes quickly apparent that the demand cannot be met, and with disdain Jackson is ordered to leave.

Pensive, the party return to Gundark’s to condsider their next move.

Episode 1.1
And so, it begins

Brentaal. Once the jewel of the Perlemian Trade Route, the Separatist occupation have left their scars.

WIth a graceful sweeping curve, the Banshee comes around to the distant side of Sel Zonn station, touching down lightly onto its designated landing bay (B-12) before sinking into the station. Exiting into the docking bay, the party enter a controlled environment that is slightly chilled with a hint of rust smell suggesting that the atmospheric scrubbers are not running at peak efficiency.

Moving with the general throng of recent arrivals at Sel Zonn, the party make their way through document control where they experience the growing kind of ‘tolerance’ that is spreading throughout the new Empire. After handing over their papers and experiencing a lengthy search the party move through security and enter into the promenade to begin their search for Maya.

A large, circular room with a mezzanine level, the two story promenade is coloured in browns and reds whilst flashing yellow neon advertise various vices in a variety of languages: casinos, cantinas and dancing halls provide entertainment to the small number of travelers roaming throughout the station.

Confronted with this sensory overload, it’s not long before the party’s attention is drawn to two human males, standing silently to one side of the promenade. Zip up jackets do a poor job of concealing hold out blasters. Closer examination shows the two men speaking to themselves, suggesting that they are talking into hidden comlinks.

Shouting draws their intense attention and the party soon see a woman stumbling, clutching at her side – her eyes lock onto the party and she starts shouting for help – “I have credits.” Maya has been found and she’s being pursued by two Stormtroopers, the Empire’s new sign of imperial authority.

After a brief firefight, the party capitulates and surrender. Maya is stunned and is taken into custody by the Stormtroopers whilst the two unidentified men follow, providing cover, not seeing the datapad that Maya dropped when she fell unconscious. Life begins to return to the promenade: obviously this disturbance is not unusual on Sel Zonn.

Taking refuge in a nearby cantina named Gundark’s, the party sit down to interrogate Maya’s datapad. After getting through some basic security protocols, two recent entries read “V-14” and “Switch.”

Using the computer interface provided by the cantina’s table, the party are able to bypass Imperial security protocols to unlock the underlying computer network at the heart of the station. A search of the station’s floor plan reveals that V14 is a deep storage bay that has been quarantined for the past 18 months, yet no request has been made for maintenance. As a consequence, it is off limits to non-Imperial personnel. Despite this status, intelligence reports suggest that a large number of aliens are seen going in and out of the bay which is located right alongside the station’s primary exhaust port.

A search for ‘Switch’ reveals less information, but recent intelligence reports suggest that he may be an information broker operating from a secret location.

Armed with this information, the party return to the Banshee to plot their next move.

Dawn of Destiny

From the chaos of civil war, a New Order is born!

With the sudden surrender of the Separatist Confederacy, peace is restored to the Galaxy. From the ashes arises the new Empire, with a promise to restore order across all systems.

For some, it brings the promise of new opportunity. For others, it brings the realisation that there will be no going back to their old lives.

But regardless of who rules the Galaxy, one constant always remains: credits will always be paid to those who are willing to work for them………..

……..aboard the Banshee – a Baudo class space yacht – an unlikely group of travelers sit huddled in the cockpit as the whirling blue maelstrom of hyperspace passes over them. With a lurch, the ship drops to real space as the sub light engines thrum into action, gently propelling the graceful yacht on an approach vector towards the looming Imperial space station that slowly grows to encompass the screen.

With a crackle of static the hyperwave transceiver bursts to life and the clipped tones of a female suddenly fills the silence of the cockpit: “unidentified vessel, this is Sel Zonn station, please identify yourself, repeat, this is Sel Zonn station, what is your purpose…..?”


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